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I caught a cold, my stomach hurts, my chest hurts, I do not have appetite, I can not sleep at night, I can not sleep at night, I do not communicate well, I have diarrhea, I was told again as a medical examination · · · Various symptoms I think there are illnesses. If you do not know which hospital to go to and how many departments to apply, please consult our hospital first.
If our hospital can not respond, we will prepare and introduce letters of introduction to surrounding medical institutions.

We will also support introduction from general hospital

Until now I have been hospitalized at a general hospital but the medical condition has calmed down and I am having trouble visiting the hospital, I will continue medical consultation at our hospital if you bring an introduction letter Please consult us. When the medical condition worsens while continuing medical treatment at our hospital, we will introduce it to the general hospital which had been hospitalized until now.

About lifestyle-related diseases

Major lifestyle-related diseases

Hypertensive disease

Even if blood pressure is high, most people do not have symptoms, so many people often find themselves by measuring their blood pressure with health checkups, sports gyms and hot springs.
Hypertension is diagnosed when blood pressure is over 140/90, but when blood pressure is high, the blood vessel which is the passageway of blood continues to be pushed strongly from the inside, and it receives damage for many years. As a result, blood vessels may be clogged or torn, cerebral infarction if the blood vessels in the head are clogged, cerebral hemorrhage if it breaks. If blood vessels in the heart are clogged, angina pectoris, myocardial infarction. Clogging of the blood vessels of the foot leads to various diseases such as arteriosclerosis obliterans · · ·. As a result of sudden onset without mentioning before, the life after that is often changed drastically.

For those with hypertension, the lifestyle is considered the main cause (essential hypertension), but rarely there are other diseases and people with higher blood pressure (secondary hypertension) come. Those who were told that their blood pressure is high for the first time will see if they are secondary hypertension in blood tests. Also, to check the state of arteriosclerosis, blood vessel examination of the neck (carotid artery echo) is also performed.
In case First of all, it is important to look at the lifestyle (overweight, take too much salty, smoke, refrain alcohol) and live. If blood pressure still does not go down, I will adjust with medicine.

Dyslipidemia (hypercholesterolemia, hyperlipidemia)

Cholesterol is important as a material for hormones necessary for the body to make membranes of cells of the body. Neutral fat also has an important role as a body’s energy source.
Among cholesterol, especially when “bad” cholesterol (LDL cholesterol) is high or when neutral fat is high, it gradually accumulates inside the blood vessel. As a result, the inside of the blood vessel is hard, hard (arteriosclerosis), leading to cerebral infarction, cerebral hemorrhage, angina pectoris and myocardial infarction.
Also, people with high neutral fat (especially over 1000 mg / dl) are more likely to lead to acute pancreatitis.

If cholesterol is high, there are people who are acting thyroid gland rarely, so we will check by blood test. Also, to check the state of arteriosclerosis, blood vessel examination of the neck (carotid artery echo) is also performed.

It is said that constitution is influenced by 80% of those with high cholesterol, but it is also important to confirm your lifestyle and prepare your life. If cholesterol, neutral fat is still high, I will bring you medicine.


Cells in our body are always broken and newly made. Uric acid comes out after cells are broken and decomposed. Usually it is dissolved in the blood, but as this uric acid value increases (7.0 mg / dl), uric acid can not dissolve in the blood, it comes out to various places of the body and makes bad things. The most common thing is suddenly the base of the thumb of the foot is red swollen and it gets painful (it is so painful that it feels even if the wind wipes off, so it is called “gout”), gout that sticks to the kidneys and kills the kidneys There are kidneys and others.

Although there are original constitution, obesity, excessive drinking of alcohol, influence of supplements and medicines, etc. If we do not improve even if we review the lifestyle habits we will adjust with medicine.

Fatty liver

Blood tests such as health checks and fatty liver may be referred to by abdominal echocardiography.
The state in which neutral fat accumulates in the liver is called fatty liver, but it is divided into those caused by alcohol and those not caused by alcohol. There were times when it was said that fatty liver does not do evil even when it is left, but now liver becomes gradually harder even in fatty liver (chronic hepatitis), it gets worse until the liver does not work (liver cirrhosis) I know that there is.

In addition to seeing the numerical course of the liver by blood test, it is important to evaluate the liver with an abdominal echo.

For those with a large amount of alcohol, it is important to lose weight of alcohol. If you have obesity, diabetes, hyperlipidemia you need to improve your lifestyle and get medical attention.