Clinic Information


Name of clinic Meguro Mirai Internal Medicine Clinic
〒141-0021 2-13-26 Kamiosaki Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo Maple top building 3F
Medical time 9:00~12:00 / 15:00~18:00
Closed day Wednesday, Saturday afternoon, Sunday, Public holiday


  1. 01Through medical treatment, we will help you make you happy
  2. 02As a family doctor, I will help you to live healthily
  3. 03Always smiling and courteous, we aim to become a clinic that will continue to grow while helping each other
  4. 04We aim to become a clinic that people in the community can be pleased with

Clinical information

  • General medicine including cold
  • general lifestyle diseases such as diabetes
  • respiratory internal medicine (COPD, bronchial asthma, sleep apnea syndrome etc)
  • hypertension, dyslipidemia, hyperuricaemia, fatty liver and other lifestyle diseases and chronic diseases in general Inspection, treatment
  • Medical examination
  • industrial physician

Possible examination at our hospital

  • Blood test
  • hemoglobin A1c rapid test (HPLC method)
  • urinalysis
  • stool examination
  • X-ray photography
  • bone density test
  • ultrasonic examination (carotid pulse echo, abdominal echo)
  • electrocardiogram
  • pulmonary function test
  • sleep apnea simple test
  • eyesight · hearing test


Advanced Diabetes Treatment

Regarding diabetes mellitus, diagnosis and treatment are carried out with equipments equivalent to large hospitals. In addition to conducting on-the-day examination that can measure the value of HbA1c in 100 seconds, it also supports insulin treatment, diet training and exercise instruction. The director has clinical experience of diabetes for 15 years and has experience in industrial physician · home health care. Because we are doing medical treatment considering patient’s living background and workplace environment, please do not hesitate to consult with those who “have not treated for long last” so far.

In the hospital where you can spend relaxing

In order to let the waiting time spend without stress, the hospital decorated with the texture of the wood and the soft ivory coloring, making BGM calm down feeling, creating a relaxing atmosphere. Also, in addition to being barrier-free design that allows you to enter the hospital while riding in a wheelchair, the seat is also selected to select a comfortable seat. Furthermore, while utilizing the reservation system and the Ai interview system, we will set up an environment that allows you to seek smoothly without waiting time.

Collaboration cooperation with hospital

When precise examination and surgery are necessary, we introduce hospitals in the vicinity of home or workplace based on the wishes of patients. For those who “do not know which hospital is good”, I introduce facilities that I am familiar with the medical system in the hospital, such as the Japanese Red Cross Medical Center for lung diseases, NTT East Kanto Hospital for diabetes and so on It is also possible. In addition, those who control diabetes mellitus are introducing life improvement programs at partnering hospitals.

Hospital landscape


〒141-0021 2-13-26 Kamiosaki Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo Maple top building 3F

3 minutes on foot from JR Meguro Station east exit