Own cost Medical expenses・Vaccinations and Inoculations

About – Own cost Medical expenses

There are many people who feel symptoms such as being busy, tired, and somehow dull even though they were told they have no problems in their health checkup. We offer placenta injection, vitamin injection and glutathione injection at our hospital to help with these issues.

Placenta injection

Placenta is a mammalian “placenta” and has an important role to connect mother and fetus.
Placenta contains the amino acids, proteins and other ingredients necessary to keep the body working. In order to make you feel fine every day, our hospital has Placenta Injections and Drinkables.


Inoculation Fee (without tax)
Placenta injection(Laennec) 1A 1,000 yen
2A 1,800 yen

Vitamin injection、Glutathione injection

In our hospital, we have injections for the purpose of support of chronic fatigue and colds. It is also known as a garlic injection, but it isn’t actually garlic that is injected. It is called a garlic injection because the vitamin B1 contained in the injection smells like garlic when injected.

We also offer glutathione injections for hangover prevention.


Inoculations Fee (without tax)
Garlic injection・Chronic fatigue(People who get tired easily or are extremely tired etc) 2,000 yen
Support for colds(with intial symptoms etc) 2,500 yen
Hangover prevention(Before going out for drinks) 2,500 yen

Please ask us about other requests.

Vaccinations and Inoculations

It is important to be vaccinated for any disease that can be prevented. In our clinic, we conduct various immunizations and vaccinations for Shinagawa Ward including flu, rubella, measles and pneumococcal vaccine. * Please contact us by phone first, as there may be no stock of a particular vaccine.

Shinagawa Ward vaccination (all or some public expenses covered)

  • Shinagawa Ward Rubella antibody inspection (full amount)
  • Congenital Rubella syndrome measures Rubella vaccination (full amount)
  • Elderly people Streptococcus pneumoniae (partly covered)
  • Shinagawa Ward Elderly person Streptococcus pneumoniae (partly covered)
  • Elderly person Influenza (partly covered)

Vaccination(Own expense)


Vaccination project Fee (without tax)
Influenza 3,637 yen
Streptococcus pneumoniae (Pneumobacs NP) 8,000 yen
Rubella、Measles 6,000 yen each
MR(Measles・Rubella mix) 11,000 yen
Tetanus 1st shot 4,000 yen
Tetanus 2nd shot・3rd shot 3,000 yen
Chicken pox 8,000 yen
Mumps 5,000 yen