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About self-medication examination

In our hospital, we are doing placenta injection and garlic injection in our own medical examination. If you have any concerns or worries, please do not hesitate to consult us.

Placenta injection

Placenta, which refers to “placenta”, basically is a placental extract that extracts nutrients from the placenta of mammals.
The method of inoculation will be three kinds, “drink” “paint” “injection”.
Placenta contains amino acids necessary for cell production and nutrients such as proteins, lipids, and carbohydrates. It also contains vitamins, minerals, nucleic acids and enzymes, which encourages the adjustment of metabolism and has the role of keeping the body functioning normally, such as aging care.

Our hospital offers placenta injection for medical use.
Please feel free to contact us.


Vaccination project Cost
text ¥0,000(ex.)

Vitamin injection

Garlic injection does not use garlic, but rather a vitamin B1 injection. It is mainly effective for fatigue recovery and health promotion.
As the name derives, vitamin B1 is injected intravenously, and when its components are distributed through the blood to the mucosa of the nose, it gets called a garlic injection because it feels like a garlic.

This vitamin B1 promotes the metabolism of carbohydrates, reduces the accumulation of fatigue substances such as lactic acid, and it is expected to get tired.
Please do not hesitate to consult us.


Vaccination project Cost
text ¥0,000(ex.)

Various immunization

It is important to prepare vaccinations for preventable diseases.
Our hospital, including influenza, rubella, measles and pneumococcal vaccine, supports the following vaccinations.
* There may be cases where there is no vaccine stock, so please contact us by phone first.


Vaccination project Cost
influenza ¥3,000(.ex)
S. Pneumoniae ¥7,800(.ex)
Measles ¥6,000(.ex)
rubella ¥5,500(.ex)
Mumps (Mumps) ¥5,600(.ex)
Two kinds of mixture (measles / rubella) ¥8,900(.ex)
tetanus ¥3,100(.ex)
Two kinds of mixing (diphtheria · tetanus) ¥4,300(.ex)
Four kinds of mixture (Quattro bag) ¥11,000(.ex)
Varieg ¥7,600(.ex)
Hepatitis A ¥8,200(.ex)
Hepatitis B ¥5,400(.ex)
Cervical cancer 3 times set ¥48,000(1 time ¥16,000)(.ex)
JE ¥6,100(.ex)
Meningitis ¥24,200(.ex)